Let’s be friends! And real friends talk about digital archives!


My name is JoyEllen Freeman, and I’m a graduate student at Clayton State University in Morrow, GA, pursuing a master’s degree in archival studies. This summer, I am honored to be interning with the Internet Archive, specifically, with Archive-It. I am working to promote awareness and enhance the usability of the Archive-It K-12 Web Archiving Program as well as the Archive-It College/University Web Archiving Program. Meanwhile, I’m also writing a large research paper about the implications of student web archiving and how it influences student perspectives on history, identity, social empowerment…all that yummy theoretical stuff ­čÖé Essentially, this blog is a written version of my journey through this process of learning. This blog will address the questions I have, the “aha” moments I hope to have, and it will feature past and current web archive collections that students are┬ámaking across the country and beyond.┬áThis is a blog dedicated to the intersecting forces of archives, education, digital preservation, the web, identity, empowerment, and voices. Come, let’s get our digital archives on, and let’s see what the future has to hold.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it” -R.E.M.