Pomp, Circumstance … and Employment!

First comes …


then comes …


then comes …


Check me out in my big-girl office 🙂

YAAS! It’s official! As of May 7, 2016, this girl is a graduate of Clayton State University’s Master of Archival Studies program.


I have officially finished my first week of work in my very first professional position ever. That’s right, no more “i-word” for me (aka intern). I am now the Outreach/Special Collections Archivist at Kennesaw State University! #Hallelujah. Check out our site here.

As the Outreach/Special Collections Archivist, I am a member of the Archives section of the KSU Museums, Archives, and Rare Books Department (MARB). My position focuses on increasing and enhancing archival awareness both on and off campus. My main functions include providing archival instruction sessions to undergraduate and graduate students, providing reference services for patrons, working with donors from the north and northwest Georgia community, and developing exhibits, workshops, social media content, and public programs that increase the presence of the KSU archives.

Some of you may not have heard of an outreach archivist before or may be wondering how it is similar to or different from other archival positions. An outreach archivist is very much the face of the archives. In other words, my position is all about facilitating a connection between our archives and various constituents. I may not be involved in much archival processing, but my job is to work closely with the processing archivist, letting him know which collections are being requested the most so he can determine priorities for processing. I also work with him to discuss interesting items within collections so I can promote them to the public. In addition, the second half of my title says “special collections.” That means I work primarily with records created outside the university. The KSU Archives’ goal not only involves collecting records created by the university but also documenting the history of north and northwest Georgia. Hence, I work closely individuals, civic organizations, and social groups in the surrounding areas to ensure their voices are heard and represented within KSU’s archival collections.

In a nutshell, my first week at the KSU Archives was amazing, overwhelming, eye-opening, exciting, busy, and inspiring. During my time at KSU, I know that I will be challenged; I know will make mistakes; and on occasion, I might outright fail. However, I also know these challenges will never supersede my passion for archives and my determination to work hard and diligently no matter what it takes. My title as “archivist” has been three years in the making. I’m ready. #Letsgo.



Last but not least … many congratulations to all the librarians, archivists, curators, and information science professionals who graduated this year! We did it!